Boutique Bed & Breakfast in Galicia

Welcome to Casa da Cabaza, a boutique Bed and Breakfast in a lovingly converted old farmhouse, located on the shores of a tranquil lake in the Galician countryside of northwestern Spain. We have stylish country rooms that retain a traditional Galician farmhouse feel while providing modern needs and comforts. Our organic vegetarian breakfasts are delicious and healthy. In the evenings we can offer a small selection of excellent local wines and beers with tasty tapas. Our B&B in this beautiful countryside environment is for adults and children over the age of twelve years. There is wifi, but no TV.

Galicia is a relatively undiscovered jewel in the vast Iberian peninsula. Its green, fertile land is sparsely inhabited with more wildlife than people. It offers a variety of activities and interests: from the delights of Galician wine and cuisine, exploring ancient archaeological sites, enjoying nature walks, fresh-water swimming, kayaking, horse-trekking to much more.

Our B&B can be used as a base to such activities. It can also be a place to simply relax and unwind.

Caza da Cabaza was originally built as a farmhouse about a hundred years ago. Its various rooms and cellars accommodated people and livestock, and provided storage for produce and animal feed. Its unusual name goes back to when the house was inhabited by an old woman who wore wide, traditional petticoats. The small children of the village nicknamed her Tia Cabaza, or Auntie Pumpkin, and thus the house acquired its name. Years later, as people left rural communities to seek their fortunes elsewhere, the house was abandoned and fell into ruin. It remained like this until quite recently when it was rebuilt as a casa rural, a country guest house. In 2016 we bought Casa da Cabaza, completed the restoration work and added a few touches to make this B&B the unique place that it now is.

We are an international couple who moved to Spain several years ago, first to Andalusia in the south before moving north-west and settling in this beautiful part of the country.

We live here permanently with our family of two horses, two dogs and three cats. Our interests range from art photography and specialist print-making, training and riding horses, to permaculture and organic gardening. We believe in a respectful approach to the environment and to all living things, and try to live sustainably in a healthy, eco-friendly manner. We speak English, Dutch, Arabic, some Spanish, French and Swedish.

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