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About us

saluki siets Galicia Casa Cabaza

We are Siets and Tariq, an international couple who decided to exchange busy lives in the city for a healthier life in the countryside in Spain. We share our lives in Galicia with a family of two horses, two dogs, three cats, a flock of happy hens and a rooster. 


With a background in hospitality, managing apartments in a rural location, meeting people from all over the world and making their stay unforgettable is something Siets is good at. Her aim is to create a stay that you will remember and cherish. Her lifelong passion is working with horses, and she is a student of the Academic Art of Riding.

Tariq is a photographic artist who exhibits internationally and organises creative workshops at his studio at Casa Cabaza. His speciality is photogravure printing which he teaches at home as well as in Jordan. He is also a barefoot trimmer and loves playing tennis.

We believe in a respectful approach to the environment and to all living things. We try to live sustainably in a healthy, eco-friendly manner, growing certain produce in our organic vegetable garden and a fruit orchard which are inspired by permaculture principles. In our free time, we enjoy being outside in nature, exploring beautiful Galicia, enjoying good food and wine, reading, always learning and listening to music that feeds the soul. 

The history of Casa Cabaza

Caza Cabaza was originally a farmhouse used by two families about a hundred years ago. Its various rooms and cellars accommodated people and livestock, and provided storage for produce and animal feed. 


Its unusual name goes back to when the house was inhabited by an old woman who wore wide, traditional petticoats. The children of the village nicknamed her Tia Cabaza, or Auntie Pumpkin, and thus the house acquired its name. Years later the house was abandoned and fell into ruin. It remained like this until the early 2000's when it was rebuilt as a casa rural, a country guest house. In 2016, we bought Casa Cabaza, completed the restoration work and added our personal touches to make it the unique place that it now is.

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